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Green and Dark Violet Succulent Nutshell Necklace


Introducing a truly captivating masterpiece of botanical artistry – the Nutshell Succulent Pendant. This extraordinary piece of non-standard jewelry is poised to redefine elegance and enchantment. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the pendant features a delicate, handpicked nutshell as its centerpiece, gracefully adorned with lush green and deep violet succulents.

Nestled within the curve of the nutshell, vibrant shades of green succulents cascade like a verdant waterfall, breathing life into the pendant. Their intricate patterns and textures mimic the natural world, evoking a sense of serenity and connection to nature. These succulents, carefully chosen for their hardiness and beauty, capture the essence of life's resilience and the enduring spirit of growth.

Contrasting with the exuberant greenery, dark violet succulents emerge, their velvety petals capturing the allure of twilight. These deep hues evoke mystery and sophistication, lending an air of mystique to the pendant. As light plays across the surfaces of the pendant, the succulents seem to come alive, dancing with each movement, creating an ever-changing spectacle of color and form.

This pendant is a true masterpiece, embodying the fusion of nature and art in a way that defies convention. Its unique combination of materials and colors ensures that it's suitable for any occasion – from casual outings to formal gatherings. The Nutshell Succulent Pendant is a conversation starter, a statement of individuality, and a testament to the harmonious beauty that can emerge when human creativity collaborates with the natural world.

Wearing this pendant isn't just adorning oneself with jewelry; it's an expression of a profound connection to nature and a celebration of artistic ingenuity. As heads turn and admirers gather, the Nutshell Succulent Pendant will undoubtedly spark conversations about its one-of-a-kind design, symbolic resonance, and the mesmerizing interplay of textures and colors that make it a wearable work of art.

Size - about 2*2.5 cm, length of 65 cm

Material - Polymer clay, Stainless Steel

Packaging - gift box

Made in Ukraine


Store in a clean, dry place.
The use of oils, creams, perfumes, etc may affect longevity.
Please do not leave the earrings in the water for a long time.
To clean polymer clay pieces, rub gently with a soft, wet piece of cloth. If you own a white or light-colored pair of earrings and you get makeup stains on them, rubbing alcohol will clean it off. Treat these earrings gently just as you would any other piece of jewelry!
Please note that these are handmade items, slight variation may occur compared to the pictures.

Be aware of the fact that actual colors may slightly vary depending on your monitor specifics and settings.


I send my jewelry all over the world. More detailed information HERE

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