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Pink Artichoke Phone Grip


Presenting a one-of-a-kind phone grip that effortlessly combines functionality with artistic allure - an enchanting red artichoke succulent phone grip, meticulously handcrafted using polymer clay. The extraordinary attention to detail and the absence of molds in its creation result in a truly unique piece of art that promises to captivate all who lay eyes on it.

At the heart of this exceptional phone grip lies a mesmerizing red artichoke succulent, lovingly shaped with vibrant colors and lifelike textures that evoke nature's splendor. This exquisite fusion of hues adds a natural touch of beauty to your everyday tech companion.

While this artistic accessory undoubtedly adds charm to your phone case, it also serves a practical purpose. Its robust construction ensures a firm grip on your device, minimizing the chances of accidental slips and drops. Whether you're texting, capturing moments, or browsing, this grip offers a secure and comfortable hold.

Beyond its practicality, the red artichoke succulent phone grip is an excellent conversation starter and a medium to express your unique style. Anticipate compliments and inquisitive gazes from friends, family, and even strangers who will be drawn to its intricate design. By showcasing this piece, you open the door to share the tale of its handcrafted origins and the passion behind each individually shaped succulent.

Embrace the opportunity to embellish your phone with a touch of artistry and savor the joy of possessing a handcrafted treasure. Whether you have a fondness for succulents, an appreciation for art, or simply seek a distinctive accessory, this red artichoke succulent phone grip promises to elevate your phone's aesthetics while effortlessly merging style and practicality.

* entirely handmade, no molds are used
* made of durable polymer clay
* unique and one-of-a-kind, each one is different
* realistically natural looking
* other colors are available, please just ask

Succulent diameter = 4 cm (1.58 in)


  • The item will arrive in some packaging paper in a small pillow box. 
  • In the parcel you will have two gift cards for your notes)
  • Combined postage for multiple items.
  • Store in a clean, dry place. 
  • The use of oils, creams, perfumes, etc may affect longevity. 
  • To clean polymer clay pieces, rub gently with a soft, wet piece of cloth. If you own a white or light-colored pair of earrings and you get makeup stains on them, rubbing alcohol will clean it off. Treat these earrings gently just as you would any other piece of jewelry!
  • Please do not leave the earrings in the water for a long time.
Please note that these are handmade items, slight variation may occur compared to the pictures. 

Manufacturing time - 3-4 working days
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