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Our Story

Welcome! I am Iryna, the founder of Eten Iren and the creator behind all the designs. I live and work in Lviv, Ukraine with my husband two adorable sons. My family helps me enormously with my venture on Etsy and are always encouraging.

Eten Iren began, 10 years ago, with a capital of just $5 and started really only as a hobby. When I was pregnant with my first son, I wanted some unique costume jewelry but could not find anything that was truly original. This is the moment I decided to make my own, with just some polymer clay and my hands. I loved it so much, I have not stopped creating since that moment.

I use polymer clay because it is a high quality material that is incredibly versatile and durable. I can literally create anything and the possibilities are endless. I adore botanical subjects and nature continues to be my inspiration. It creates beautiful soft colors and really feminine pieces that, thankfully, my customers love. I feel very grateful to them to give me the opportunity to be able to continue creating.

Today I work mainly on the designs with my mother. Having just the two of us, means that I can put my heart and soul into my designs and ensure that they remain unique to Eten Iren. Everything we do is done by hand so no two pieces are ever exactly the same. I love it that my customers get to wear something so unique, something I struggled to find 10 years ago and the whole idea behind my store.

I love to work with my customers when we can combine ideas and come up with something truly unique and special. I want to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes that can be handed down and cherished for more than one lifetime. I am fulfilled when a customer is happy and I will go to great lengths to achieve this. Please drop me a line and let the process begin.

Love, Iryna