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Succulent Stud Earrings - Ivory Green Pink Echeveria Plant Hypoallergenic Earrings


As you may have gathered, I have a profound love for plants, particularly flowers and succulents. I'm especially fond of bouquets with them. It was precisely these floral and succulent bouquets that inspired me to create this series of earrings.

I also fondly remember my grandmother's porcelain earrings, designed in the shape of little flower bouquets. I recall how much she adored and cherished them.

The concept behind these earrings is to craft them in a single color but with varying shades, in this case, a delicate pink. Why only pink? Sometimes, an outfit calls for precisely such earrings to complete the look. Additionally, I wanted to emphasize the delicacy of the craftsmanship and the shape.

I absolutely love the color combination in this pair of earrings, featuring ivory, pastel gray, and pastel green. The ivory succulent has a surprise element - it glows in the dark.

These earrings are 100% handmade, with each petal meticulously shaped by hand, using tools like a needle and a toothpick.

Because these earrings are made from polymer clay, they are exceptionally lightweight.

I hope you will like these earrings and that you will wear them a lot. And I hope they will bring you joy and a lot of meaningful moments. ????

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