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Yellow Ranunculus Studs


Introducing our delightful and charming handmade Yellow Ranunculus Stud Earrings - a perfect fusion of elegance and grace. These small, very lightweight earrings may be delicate in size, but they possess an unparalleled ability to enhance your overall look with their undeniable allure.

Crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail, these stud earrings feature exquisitely fashioned yellow ranunculus flowers, capturing the essence of nature's beauty in their delicate petals. The intricate craftsmanship ensures that each pair is unique, making you feel truly special whenever you wear them.

Don't let their diminutive size deceive you; these earrings have a captivating presence that is sure to garner compliments and spark engaging conversations wherever you go. Their vibrant yellow hue radiates positivity and adds a sunny touch to any outfit, making them versatile enough to complement both casual and formal ensembles.

Designed to be exceptionally lightweight, you can wear these earrings comfortably throughout the day or night without any discomfort. The hypoallergenic materials ensure that even those with sensitive ears can enjoy their enchanting charm without worry.

These Yellow Ranunculus Stud Earrings are the epitome of versatility. Whether you're attending a casual gathering, a formal event, or just a day out with friends, these earrings will effortlessly elevate your style and become an extension of your unique personality.

Make a statement without saying a word - these earrings truly speak for themselves. A wonderful addition to your jewelry collection or a heartfelt gift for someone special, they bring a dash of sunshine and elegance to every moment. Embrace the beauty of nature with these breathtaking handmade earrings, and let them be a constant reminder of life's vibrant and joyful moments.

Jewelry for kids or adults, but they are not intended for children under 3 as they do not have locking backs or screw posts and can be removed by children and would be a choking hazard.

Unique designer earrings are made of polymer clay. A beautiful lightweight piece that is so comfortable, you'll forget you have them on. 


- The item will arrive in some packaging paper in a small pillow box. 
- In the parcel, you will have a gift card for your notes)
- Combined postage for multiple items.


- Store in a clean, dry place. 
- The use of oils, creams, perfumes, etc may affect longevity. 
- To clean polymer clay pieces, rub gently with a soft, wet piece of cloth. If you own a white or light-colored pair of earrings and you get makeup stains on them, rubbing alcohol will clean it off. Treat these earrings gently just as you would any other piece of jewelry!

All of my earrings I made myself.

Please note that these are handmade items, slight variation may occur compared to the pictures.
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