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Flowers Bouquet Terrarium Pendant Necklace - Orange Gold Beige Floral Jewelry Gift


Necklace - terrarium pendant with a bouquet of flowers.

The idea for this necklace has been with me for a while. I'm deeply drawn to the eco-brutalism style, where the simplicity of geometric forms meets the richness of the botanical world. It's about the feeling of nature always triumphing, and plants always finding the strength to grow.

While I pondered over the concept for a long time, the necklace itself came together quite spontaneously. As a result, it's imbued with a lot of emotion and inspiration.

Capturing the full volume of this intricate piece in photos proved challenging, which is why I decided to include a video. However, I believe this necklace is even more beautiful in person.

In line with my vision, the chain is meant to be long, so I chose a length of 75 cm, though I can adjust it if needed. The dimensions of the cube are 2.5*2.5 cm.

I have 6 of these necklace bases available. Therefore, I assume I can replicate this necklace 6 times, though I'm still deliberating on this decision. However, in the case of replication, the necklace won't be an exact copy of the original. Unfortunately, I can't make works of this nature identical, but I believe this adds to their charm.

The necklace will arrive in branded packaging, which is perfect for gifting.

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